EPSE Lab is equipped with an ICP-OES -analyzer and in consequence EPSE has the ability to produce in-house metal analysis from water samples. Along with the ICP analyzer, EPSE Lab has its own leaching test equipment. EPSE Lab staff has grown from one scientist to four full-time specialists led by our laboratory manager.

EPSE passes proficiency test on solubility tests

The degree of self-sufficiency is high in EPSE Lab. High-quality equipment and standardized work routines ensure efficient and prompt handling of samples, and naturally we also follow all occupational health and safety procedures.







Example of untreated and EPSE-treated sample of mining wastewater


Table of results, untreated mine wastewater

Table of results, epsecised mine wastewater

Untreated mine wastewater

Epsecised sample of mining wastewater.

Table of results, epsecised precipitate


The results are averages from 19 samples taken during a 2-week Mobile EPSE™ pilot in 2019.