Welcome to EPSE Ylöjärvi Office!

We are willing to introduce our company’s spaces to guests who are interested in us. The visit is to be scheduled in advance by contacting your contact person, or


Jouni Jääskeläinen

+358 40 752 0530

General Introduction

Salla Heinonen

+358 50 575 4546



Kimmo Hellsten

+358 50 534 3793

Pilot Hall

When you arrive

Our office and laboratory are located on the Elopellontie 1 G (33470 Ylöjärvi), at the building’s end. You can park your car on EPSE marked parking spots. When you come inside, wait at the lobby. Your contact person will receive you.

EPSE Pilot Hall is located a 3-minute drive away, the address is Vanha Vaasantie 8 B. We will however start off at our office unless instructed otherwise.

Driving and parking instruction to EPSE Office



General instructions


Going further in our premises is only allowed when accompanied by our staff.

In EPSE Laboratory protective goggles are to be used.

There are goggles for you to borrow.

Taking pictures without consent is not allowed.