Our Values

We respect and value our environment and nature.

We only live on this Earth once and that’s why we want to protect and preserve the environment and its diversity for the coming generations. The clean water supply is vitally important to all living organisms and our goal is to ensure its availability in every corner of this world. Biodiversity loss is one of the biggest threats we face as a society along global warming, and we are committed to work against biodiversity loss in every way possible.

Our workers and associates are our assets.

Occupational health and safety is extremely important for us and for that reason our company has an EHS Management Plan and an EHSQ Manager. We want to work to develop workplace safety also with our associates. The diversity among our team is a strength and we aim to promote diversity in the future as well by hiring more people with different backgrounds. Our working methods and projects are socially responsible.

Our innovation is our advantage and we promote all parties’ operational profitability.

Our unique EPSE™ Method enables delivery of a comprehensive solution and we want to make sure that the solution benefits our associates and the environment while creating profit to us.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life for us.

Entrepreneurship is a word that describes how we operate as individuals and as a business, because we take our customer’s challenge as if it were our own and aim to find the best possible solution for it. Developing new procedures and solving problems is our passion.

Environmental policy & ESG Goals

We want to promote the sustainable use of natural resources, that’s why we promote waste-free and carbon-neutral industry. Circular economy is a key means of achieving global ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) objectives, and EPSE aims not only to recycle the water it processes, but also to recycle metals from wastewater. In this way, resource efficiency can be improved and negative environmental impacts can be significantly reduced, thus contributing positively to our customers’ ESG goals. The CO2 emission reduction potential of the EPSE™ Method has been assessed by an third-party expert and estimated as significant. More information about the calculation.

Social responsibility and good governance are also reflected in our own work. We always act in accordance with our values and in compliance with the laws of Finland and the country in which we operate.