EPSEs roots date back to the early 2000s, when the inventor of the EPSE™ Method, Vesa Rissanen, owned a pickling plant where airplane parts were hard chrome plated. In the process, numerous metals dissolve in the acid, eventually forming hazardous waste. In order to overcome the waste handling expenses, Rissanen did several experiments and eventually managed to precipitate the acid so that the end result was pure water and multimetal precipitate. However, the airplane factory was closed and his company closed. The precipitation formulas remained in the desk drawer for years.

A decade later, knowledge of precipitation formulas reached two entrepreneurs, and design and implementation to commercialize the method began. Initially, the focus was only on pickling effluents and the activity was small-scale. At the same time, the problems of mine water received a lot of negative publicity in Finland, and the trio began to consider whether metals could also be separated from the wastewaters of mining operations. For this purpose, Global EcoProcess Services Oy, EPSE, was established in 2012. The company patented its method and commercialization accelerated once it had been successfully tested on the wastewaters of the Talvivaara mine.

Towards success

A wide range of experimentation, trial and error, and learning fits into EPSE’s story. We have found many valuable partners with whom to test our method in various fields and found our core competencies, which we have also patented. EPSE currently holds four patents for its technology, EPSE™ Method, one of which is the first acquired main patent and the other support patents.

International support

In the spring of 2019, EPSE received 1,9 M€ project funding from European Commission Horizon 2020 innovation programme. With this funding, the first portable Mobile EPSE™ Proto pilot equipment was planned, built and tested. It has been widely used in various customer locations across Finland, and the next, improved Mobile EPSE™, which will be completed during 2020, has been built. Pilot equipment supports commercialization of the method.

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At the beginning of 2020, Global EcoProcess Services changed its name to EPSE Oy. The pandemic and the consequent restrictions, especially on the movement of people, have brought challenges to EPSE, too, but work has continued systematically despite them.

Our Values – Waste free industry environment is our goal

  • Entrepreneurship and respect
  • Our diversity and difference are our strengths
  • Our innovation, our workers & partners are our assets
  • We respect and value the environment and nature
  • Social responsibility

All of these are driven by profitability.

Vision and Environmental policy

We aim to be a market leader in handling waste material containing soluble metals and turning them into pure water and raw material for circular economy. We aim for the best available technic and behavior in all we do and sell.