The On-site Piloting verifies the functionality of the EPSE™ Method in customer conditions. Piloting also supports calculation of investment and operating costs. The On-site Pilot can be carried out with the portable Mobile EPSE™, our customer’s own equipment, IBC Containers or some other client-tailored solution.



EPSE Water treatment process


Step 1.

Chemical dosing and mixing

Step 2.

The EPSE treatment



Step 3.

Clarification and sludge removal


The Mobile EPSE™ 

The Mobile EPSE™ is a fully automated piloting unit for side stream piloting and it can be used  for both continuous (24h) or batch run according to the customer’s wishes. In the process water flows through the system and the treated, metal free water comes out of the system in the other end – as well as the multi-metal precipitate.

The Mobile EPSE™ pilot equipment was built in 2020 and its’ operations are divided to three separate containers. First is for the chemical dosing and mixing, next is the actual EPSE treatment and in the last one the clarification and sludge removal. EPSE’s another Mobile EPSE™ unit is built in one 40-foot shipping container but its’ operational principle is the same.

EPSE’s Technical Team is in charge of operating the Mobile EPSE™ equipment.

Features of the Mobile EPSE™

  • Built in three 20-foot shipping containers
  • Ability to run either a continuous / batch process
  • Equipped with logic control that allows customization of the EPSE recipe on site
  • Remote run via mobile device
  • All piloting data can be collected for further use
  • Rubber lining in process tanks to improve chemical resistance
  • Capasity of 1 m3/h, can be adjusted if needed
    (0,2 – 2,0 m3/h)



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