New Mobile EPSE™ makes piloting better

Mobile EPSE water treatment unit outside view.

New Mobile EPSE™ pilot container – or in this case, containers – are now ready to travel to the next customer site. They will be transported as soon as corona situation allows EPSE to move forward with customer pilots abroad. EPSE got the new equipment ready at a great time, since the old Mobile EPSE™ Proto has been in service for quite some time and deserves a quick pit stop. When maintenance and update operations concerning machinery and automation systems are done, the “old lady” will be on the road again.

Features of the Mobile EPSE™

Modular pilot equipment

Unlike the the Mobile EPSE™ Prototype, the new EPSE™ is built within three 20-feet containers instead of one 40-feet container. Pilot functions have been isolated into three separate containers. It brings mobility, flexibility and improves work convenience. Modular structure enables customized pilots and tailor-made solutions according to customer needs and wishes. Modularity is the best new feature among many approvements, says Kimmo Hellsten, EPSE’s Site Manager. “If the customer has for example a functioning clarifying and sludge treatment unit, there’s no need to transport the container 3 to the site at all”, Hellsten explains.

Modular structure enables customized pilots and tailor-made solutions according to customer needs and wishes.

User-friendly improvements

New kind of reagent loading station has been built within the first container. “Now when the handling of reagents is in a separate container, the user convenience and overall security of the pilot process is better”, says Site Manager Jukka-Pekka Varis. Both Varis and Hellsten have been the two main creators behind the planning and design of both Mobile EPSE™ pilot units. They are in charge of customer pilots and the experience from the field has been helpful when planning the improvements. Unique automation solutions enable precise monitoring and control in every step of the process, but sometimes cause a bit of headaches, too. Solutions are however searched and found, together with EPSE’s co-operation partners.

Next up: Transport to customer site

Concerning the implementation of the EPSE™ Method, the field demonstrations are crucial. Successful pilot assures the customer of the EPSE™ Method’s functionality and gives tools to create cost calculations. It also helps to evaluate what kind of modifications are required to implement the EPSE™ Method to customer’s own machinery and equipment. The new Mobile EPSE™ has been tested in EPSE premises in Ylöjärvi, where it now awaits clearance to take-off to the next customer location abroad.


The new Mobile EPSE™

Portable, highly automated water treatment equipment with functions divided into three separate containers. The containers are reagent dosing, epsecising (reaction), and sludge treatment and clarification. All process data is collected. The Mobile EPSE™ is logic controlled and remote control is possible. Capacity approx. 1 m3/h. The Mobile EPSE™ pilot device has been built within the EU Horizon 2020 Innovation Program