Mobile EPSE™ is a pilot container for side stream piloting that can be used to verify the functionality of the EPSE™ Method in customer conditions. Piloting also supports calculation of investment and operating costs. Mobile EPSE™ pilot equipment can be used for both continuous (24h) or batch run according to the customer’s wishes. The new Mobile EPSE™ consists of three separate units. Each of them is for specific purpose: chemical mixing, actual treatment, and clarification and sludge removal.

Features of the Mobile EPSE™ 

  • Ability to run either a continuous / batch process
  • Equipped with logic control that allows customization of the EPSE recipe on site
  • Remote run via mobile device
  • All piloting data can be collected for further use
  • Rubber lining in process tanks to improve chemical resistance
  • Capacity of 1 m3/h, can be adjusted smaller if necessary
  • Enables piloting of all stages at the customer’s premises


Mobile EPSE™ Prototype