Purpose of the Mobile EPSE is to provide mobile water treatment unit for piloting that can be easily transferred to the customer site. Unit consists of one 40 feet container with pre-installed “plug and play” water treatment unit which utilizes patented EPSE technology, with integrated process equipment, PLC – logic with remote control for treating wastewater that contains soluble metals and secondary 20 feet storage and raw material container. Piloting serves to verify the EPSE Method’s functionality in the customer’s conditions and to ensure the accuracy of the calculations concerning the investment and the operating costs.

Features of Mobile EPSE

  • Continuous operation/batch process
  • The equipment is equipped with logic programming, which enables customer-specific tailoring on site
  • The tankers are rubber-lined to improve durability
  • Capacity 1 m3/h
  • Allows for the test runs of all phases in the customer’s premises

Can be used for various fractions, including

  • water and other liquids
  • ashes