EPSE selected to carry out a pilot in Open Innovation Program “Antofa Innova”

EPSE is selected to implement pilot solution to the challenge posed by sponsor company of the Antofagasta region. EPSE was one of the six winner companies and one of two agricultural challenge winners.

Kenneth Gent, Pia Wiche and Cristián Schwartz of ValueNet Latam presented “Water treatment with the EPSE™ Method” in the competition. EPSE will address an agricultural challenge posed by Aguas Antofagasta, which seeks the diversification of agricultural products, improving the quality and reuse of irrigation water.

Having been selected, EPSE and our local partner in Chile, ValueNet SpA, are first offered a three-month long program, free of charge, whose objective is to advise EPSE with the activities related to the planning and / or execution of the MPV pilot test (minimum viable product). The organizer of the Innovation competition, Innovation Club, will hire specialists or institutions specialized in each area in order to provide expert advice to increase the chances of success of the execution of the pilot. Each company is provided a mentor, who as a third-party member will provide guidance and counselling in order to best support the selected companies.

Once the solution has been validated, new opportunities can open up between the selected companies and sponsor companies, in EPSE’s case between EPSE and Aguas Antofagasta.


Innovation Club’s website: https://clubdeinnovacion.com/ and more information about the competition in Spanish: https://antofainnova.cl/.