S.C.O.P.E is EPSE’s laboratory scale proof of concept (PoC) Scalable Continuous Piloting Equipment. The equipment is designed to simulate EPSE’s large-scale on-site piloting equipment and demonstrate the functionality of the EPSE™ Method without having to transport heavy duty equipment to the customer’s site.


The EPSE™ Method is typically implemented via desktop assessment, laboratory scale proof of concept and pilot scale proof of concept, leading to scale up. S.C.O.P.E can be used as part of laboratory PoC to simulate the continuous EPSE treatment using real wastewater from the customer before deciding the next step in the customer process. The equipment has all the process steps necessary for the EPSE treatment to simulate the large-scale continuous process treatment – just in a small scale.

Learn more about S.C.O.P.E by watching the video below. 

Some examples of how S.C.O.P.E can be used to simulate EPSE treatment:

  • Batch run
  • Continuous run
  • Divided flow treatment
  • Separation of metal complex
  • Can be customized for any additional process measurements and analyses agreed with the customer


S.C.O.P.E is designed by EPSE’s Technical Specialist Kimmo Hellsten. S.C.O.P.E can be used to develop the EPSE™ Method and to ease the transition from laboratory scale to pilot scale. Hellsten has designed and built the equipment from scratch. 


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