EPSE will be participating in Mining Indaba 2020

EPSE Oy (Ltd.) will be participating in Mining Indaba (https://www.miningindaba.com/Home) as part of the Mining Finland group on February 3rd-6th at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Over the past four years Mining Indaba has become our traditional milestone event of the year in our internationalization efforts in the global mining industry market and our objective is to further develop our network of relevant contacts in the mining industry space, enhance the exposure, awareness and knowledge of EPSE technology in the industry, further gain valuable relevant in-depth knowledge of the mining wastewater treatment industry development and needs and make targeted new contacts for the introduction of our technology in Southern Africa in particular and Worldwide.

EPSE delegation at Mining Indaba is represented by our CEO Jouni Jääskeläinen and Director of International Operations Felix Fondem. We look forward to meeting you at the Mining Finland booth 108.

EPSE is a Finnish company specializing in the treatment of mining and industrial wastewaters containing soluble metals. EPSE innovative new patented technology is a unique solution for recovery of metals from wastewaters rendering the extracted metals irreversibly insoluble by producing a completely environmentally safe solid and inert precipitate. EPSE technology brings to the table substantial investment and operational cost savings in the treatment of waste by essentially turning it into a source of valuable raw materials for other industry applications while at the same time producing purified clean water.

To our clients and projects we offer:

  1. A substantial cost-efficient improvement of the environmental impact from the discharge wastewater by significantly reducing wastewater metal content compared to currently operating conventional water treatment technologies, thus minimizing environmental water contamination risks and concerns associated with conventional process designs.
  2. The precipitate generated in EPSE treatment technology is irreversibly insoluble and inert which will directly affect the level of environmental impact and also, more importantly, reduce costs related to management and discharge of wastewater and e.g. costs of building tailings dams and other water management facilities.
  3. EPSE technology can easily be retrofitted and integrated into existing water treatment solutions to achieve cost savings of up to 20-40% compared to conventional treatment methods. Alternatively, substantially higher cost savings can be achieved by a partial or full replacement of existing conventional water treatment technologies.