EPSE Oy (Ltd.) is a privately owned Finnish company committed to environmental sustainability and circular economy. Our expertise lies in the advanced treatment of industrial hazardous process and wastewater containing soluble metals. We strive to mitigate climate change by minimizing the environmental footprint of wastewater management. Through innovative techniques, we recover valuable metals and other materials, promoting resource circularity and reducing waste. Our solutions contribute to the ESG goals of reducing emissions, preserving natural resources, and fostering responsible waste handling in industrial processes. EPSE Team consists of world class professionals in the fields of chemistry, water treatment, marketing and business development. In addition EPSE’s advisors include specialists in international commercializing, contract law and different legislations.

Operational headquarters

EPSE’s headquarters & Technology hub are located in Pirkanmaa, Finland. EPSE Laboratory and most employees work here, too. EPSE Teams’ international operatives and the Technical Team specialized in piloting enable new projects all around the world.

Visiting EPSE’s office in Ylöjärvi?


EPSE in numbers

  • 15 EPSE Team members
  • 10 years in the business
  • Nearly 100 patent countries
  • Over 7M€ raised in funding

Our vision

We aim to be a market leader in handling waste material containing soluble metals and turning them into pure water and raw material for circular economy.

Our innovation EPSE™ Method applies superbly for the treatment of materials containing soluble metals and there are tens of potential application areas. Our goal is to create value out of industrial wastewater containing harmful metals, while meeting the global demand for metals.

Read more about the unique EPSE™ Method here.